Found, WeTues Prompt for Pam Brittain



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Found It!

After the ice age of 2021, or many years later, they found “it”. It was frozen solid, so no one could tell just what it was. It was the year, 3111 and the quest for history was alive; as they were still looking for whatever bits and pieces could be found.

“Hey Greg, this could be big!”, yelled Pam.

“Snarf. Well, maybe.”, said Greg.

“katlnhat, can you lift it?”

“Sure, I’m everyone’s lapdog today, why not?”, she complained, but did as asked, knowing there was no doubt, a limited amount of time, to get this to where it needed to be, which meant, elsewhere. Away from her.

It was big, heavy too, but she got it up and over to the waiting scientific research flying center, who would transport it to wherever they thawed out things from “before”, and they would send a report back with their findings, by the next day.

She gave it to Doug to look after and he put it on the flying center, though he needed everyone’s help that hadn’t done anything yet and the effort almost knocked them over. katlnhat laughed, Greg grinned and Pam turned away, covering up whatever she was doing, which sounded like choking.

The next day, they got a report back. It was big, it had a sign on it, that said Los Angeles and it was, quite pregnant. They expected her to have baby’s anytime. Another report would soon be on it’s way. But wait, wasn’t Los Angeles once a city in someplace called California? They all thought so. They’d give it a day or two and then ask.

Two days later, bright and early, another report arrived, it had started to give birth, but wasn’t done yet. So far, every single birth had come with it’s own sign. There were San Francisco, San Diego, Fresno, San Mateo, Hollywood, Oakland, and South and North Mexico. It was still going.

But, soon nobody cared about that, as the births produced more births; of people, plant life, pollution, poverty, homelessness, street gangs, an earthquake or two or more, of vehicles, smog, pot dispensaries, of mass transit and the whole thing needed to be destroyed. There was always a price to be paid for finding and thawing things that held valuable history, but this time the price was way too high

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014 or as you know, katlnhat here.



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4 Responses to Found, WeTues Prompt for Pam Brittain

  1. katlnhat says:

    Whine? Me whine?

    Okay, what is this Pingback thing?

  2. pambrittain says:

    I have to admit, you described this ten times better than I ever could. Had a grandson over, so held back on reading this til I had time to enjoy it. Snarf and churple. BTW, stop whining. 😛

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