TuWE Prompt – The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist And I 


To this day, I don’t know why I went. I guess I’ll call it “peer pressure”, although I cannot stand crowds and this promised to be huge.

I also can not, ever be hypnotized, so while it might be mildly entertaining and all of my friends wanted to be chosen, I did not.

It was one of those college things, held right there.


This is what I remember and how I “think” it turned out – maybe even why…

I went with them and the hypnotist took the stage.

He was too young, very obvious, he wore a stupid costume and I hated being there, more because of the crowd, than anything else.

I “should” have been at the library, studying for that advanced placement chemical analysis test.

He started picking “test objects” out of the audience.

My friends were screaming, “Pick me!”

I was looking at the floor and that “idiot” not only picked me, but had to come down off his stage to tap my shoulder, because I wouldn’t look at him.

No, I wasn’t going.

No way in hell.

Too many people.

I went.

I was too embarrassed not to, but it would have avoided all “this”, if I’d just said no.

I can be terribly stupid, at times.

I sat in the chair with the other rejects, chanting “idiot, idiot, idiot” in my head and I was not getting sleepy, though he kept saying it.

When I became conscious (what on earth?), I was in a hospital, with casts. And there were several doctors there, nurses and an attorney, for the lawsuit. “Huh?”

And I hurt.

Well, the top half of me hurt, the rest of me, I couldn’t feel at all. I was terrified when I figured that out.

I sued him.

But, I did worse, because apparently my own chanting, the “idiot, idiot, idiot” helped put me under “his spell” and I was told that I thought I could fly and tried. Missed the entire stage and landed on the concrete in front of the first row of people.

I would have won the lawsuit, too, if my arms didn’t work so well.

I shot him.

No, no, no, not with a gun, as I didn’t have one, but with a needle full of morphine that someone thought they gave me.

Then I ran him over with my electric wheelchair, till he screamed that last time.

Killed the “idiot”. I sit in an institutional prison, writing, what else is there to do? I’m here for life.

Thanks, Dr. Pam, for this oh-so happy writing prompt!

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014




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3 Responses to TuWE Prompt – The Hypnotist

  1. pambrittain says:

    Still learning and it took about an hour to find this, but happy chirps, you are now linked to WE (I hope). Now back up to read your story.

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