Ode To The Weather


Ode To The Weather

Anyone that thinks, in weather there is humor,
I’m telling you now, this is just a rumor.

And “you”, if you’re worth your salt,
will admit, it’s our own fault.

Hurricane season started in June,
do you really think that’s too soon?

Who can stop this weather change?
I doubt you’ll try to take the blame!

Here is what I have to say,
and nothing will get in the way.

Oh, but I must insist!
Mother Nature is pissed!

We abuse her world, she has a right,
we have no reason to put up a fight.

We’ve polluted her pristine land,
she’s finally taking a stand.

We were given it all – everything to live,
and all we did was take, with greed, not give.

We might be able to end it now,
if anyone bothers to learn how.

Respect the land that’s left,
stop the greed and theft.

Maybe she’ll then have pity,
on countries,  states and every city.

I doubt it, she’s had enough!
She’s not listening to fake promises and a bluff.

Do you really blame her? I insist!
Mother Nature has every reason to be pissed!

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014
Image is used with permission from D. Bledsoe,
it is one of hurricane Katrina, in LA, USA.




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