It Is Time

For Greg’s Prompt: WeMon June 9, 2014 prompt

When it’s Time, it’s Time and Not a Minute Before

Does anyone remember the days of having to put snow tires on their cars? I do, because it was a mess at home, whenever it was time to do it.

Before the first snowstorm, my mom would say:

“George, it’s time to put the snow tires on.”

He’d reply, “It’s not time.” (his standard reply for just about anything)

Did I mention, he also drank?

When there was at least half a foot of snow on the ground and George was pretty well drunk, he’d decide “it was time”.

Mom thought it would sober him up – wrong – he had a bottle out there, too. He’d come in for breaks, drunker than ever. It never failed, and we couldn’t find those bottles, no matter how hard we looked.

There he was laying there in the snow, half a foot at least, putting on the snow tires, because “it was time”.

Soaking wet, he should have been freezing, but nope, he was warm as toast, probably because of that bottle of cheap whiskey that he had – who – knew – where. Well, he did, and we found out years later.

We never did figure out how he jacked up the car, with all that snow, but he did it. Guess where the booze was hidden? Back then, when you took a tire off, you took it totally off, leaving the opening-inside the wheel? It was there, and so was the beer.

Remember that when you need a good hiding place, because the only person that would know to look there is me, and now you.

Keep a spare around, just in case “it’s time”.

“It was time.”

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014


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One Response to It Is Time

  1. pambrittain says:

    Ran out of booze, did he? This is fun!

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