Let’s Destroy A Planet

Len’s Prompt, June 7, 2014, WeSat

for writingessentialsgroup.wordpress.com

What am I doing – Sci-Fi. (That’s what he said. I say, I’m doing this, too?)
Today’s challenge: Using prose or poetry, write a short science fiction piece.

Let’s Destroy A Planet

He came from the home planet, which was Earth eighty-fifteen-0-one, and was so bored he couldn’t stand it.

The sameness, day in and day out, was enough to make anyone Blahhh! (*Blahhh, translated is projectile vomiting)

There had to be more to life than this daily repetition, so he talked to his closest flukes, and they decided to find it.

So, off they went in their flasserbyte and saw many planets; though most looked at least as bad as theirs was, if not worse. They were soundless – off the sonar, invisible, so they went wherever they wished. The best, they all collectively thought, would be to find and engage in something archaic, a war.

After three timenotabouts, they found one. It was that unshaped planet called, Nobodys-Home, and it seemed to have what they were looking for. They flooped round it and saw unlimited forms of life and thought of what to do. Elimination of a species was decided to be the best option.

They planned their strategy, spied, and almost crappled with impatience to start. They found where the greatest amount of life forms was, called New York-Austin City-Limits.
This planet even had a ruler, called, King Len; nicknamed – Maadmax the Ruler. Finally, the end to boredom had come!

The next daze, they would attack from the rear – this life form could not see anything behind them! They were inferior in all ways. This would not fail! How could it? These flukes actually still took drugs, ate meat ,Greek yogurt, and sang silly songs!

They all went out of it, for the required amount of timeplebytes, not that any of the flukes thought they needed it.

Ready to attack, in they went. What was this? They fought back! Their flasserbyte was covered with a strange substance; yogurt? Greek yogurt? They sensed toppling, as their sonar stopped…

The ship crashed into planet Nobodys-Home via New York-Austin City-Limits, and victory was not won!
Punishment came swiftly.

King Len aka Maadmax the Ruler decreed that they had to stay there, eat meat, Greek yogurt, take drugs and sing silly songs, forever.


Copyright M. Nicholson 2014
*Odd words are made up by me.


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3 Responses to Let’s Destroy A Planet

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  2. Almost Iowa says:

    “These flukes actually still took drugs, ate meat ,Greek yogurt, and sang silly songs!”

    When that happens, you know the end is near. Especially the yogurt.

  3. pambrittain says:

    This is soooo good, I’m still giggling. Love your words. I may have to start using ‘crapple’.

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