SunWinks! June 15th

For SunWinks! June 15, 2014lilypnkcropped

A calm, pink lily,
bring us peace, joyful laughter,
soother of life’s storms.


Life is a vacuum,
empty, barren, I’ve had it,
look to nature, peace.


Look over there, see;
the lily smiling at me,
grin back, life is good.


We gave you away,
growing you was just too hard,
enjoy your new space.


Take my pink lily,
if you ever did love me,
I hope you have fleas.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

For Sunwinks! – Doug, did I mention that I love a good haiku or three or?



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6 Responses to SunWinks! June 15th

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  2. pambrittain says:

    I hope you have fleas? Mare, this is delightful.

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  4. You outdid yourself! I especially like the last one.

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