WESat: June 14, 2014 – Boy Meets Girl

WESat: June 14, 2014 – Boy Meets Girl

Prompt: From Len Maxwell
“Today’s challenge: Using prose or poetry, write the scene from a story in which a boy/man and girl/woman first meet. It can be a romance, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, or any other kind of story you can imagine. The kicker, though, is to write it twice: once from the girl’s/woman’s viewpoint and once from.

Make them short. For poetry, no more than two stanzas of no more than ten lines for each story. For prose, no more than two paragraphs of no more than ten lines for each story.”

The Meeting

John: Who is that hot chick? Look at that “t and a”! Ohhhh, man, tight jeans, high heels, tight, low-cut top; gotta ask her to dance. Remember, my name is Brad, not John, that’s what my fake ID says. She’s checking me out! Act normal, order a draft, sit and be cool. When she thinks I won’t do it, I’ll ask her to dance. She’ll feel lucky, important, desirable. Yeah, the guys taught me well. If she asks (which she probably won’t), say I’ve flown in on business over the weekend. Do.not.mention.high.school.

Jane: I don’t believe this, another stupid kid? They’ll let anybody in. I have to find a new place to hang out. If he’s 17, I’ll be surprised. He’s “looking at me”. Damn. Is it too much to expect them to be over 21? Another weekend down the drain – could have stayed home and watched a movie or read. Saved the top for another weekend, when I find a bar that checks ID. If this one comes near me, like last weekend, I’ll deck him. He probably rode his bike. Heh, he’s too young to shave!

John: Go over, it’s time. Do.not.say.I’m 15. Remember birth date. I’m Brad. Sports-car, not the bicycle. Got it, I’m going over.

Jane: Oh man, he’s headed this way, I’m outta here! (runs for the door, jumps in a cab and is home, before he got anywhere near her) Some night.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014


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7 Responses to WESat: June 14, 2014 – Boy Meets Girl

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  2. maadmaax says:

    Took me a while to find it, sorry. That was precisely what I was hoping to see; thank you.

  3. pambrittain says:

    Brings back memories. You have me grinning from ear to ear.

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