I Need Advice!

WeMon Advice

Gregs prompt, was to write about asking for or getting advice, so as I’m fairly well and good lost on Word Press, I asked for advice elsewhere today.

Good gosh, I don’t give advice, what do you take me for – someone who knows something? Well, stop that right now.

I asked about widgets and gadgets, and paid and unpaid blogs and who named it an  ugly name like bllllllllllllloooooooooog in the first place and I asked for help, or advice on another site, that people do have various blogs, some of which are Word Press.

I’d tried, because Word Press asked me, if I wanted to put polls on my “free” site – sure, click here. Okay. For “only” $29.00 a month, I could indeed have one. Kinda defeats the purpose of free, so I asked about that, too. Websites I understand and I write my own code. This isn’t the same at all.

Some of the answers were:

“If you’d chosen a different free theme, you’d have gotten free polls.” Yeah?

“I don’t like that name either, blllllllllllloooog, that’s why I’ve never done one!” Gee, thanks.

“Well, widgets and gadgets are different terms for the same thing, it’s whatever the site calls them. You look through them and pick the ones you want and they are free.” Okay, I was getting somewhere, course, the person didn’t have a blog, but still.

“Big “G” owns too much.” I knew that, but so does yahoo and I just deleted my blog on there.

One guy wanted answers from my article so he could also do one. When his head cold’s gone, otherwise he didn’t know.

“I only use blogger, so I don’t know.” Thanks for nothing.

“I have at least five of them, but I forgot where they are. Might be some on Word Press, so I’ll get back to you if I find one, but that’s unlikely, because I also forgot what I called them.”

What I got from all that advice and it went on and on, probably over 50 people wanting to help me out. Was………..nothing. (hey, they tried)

I can post it on the two other sites that pay me to do this garbage, but I might get less help there. On the other hand, what’s less than nothing? Yep, that’s my next step unless someone here wants to educate me. Doubtful, but worth asking.

I ought to get free widgets or gadgets, as I chose a very basic theme, that’s not actually true, I looked at yours and picked the most basic from yours. I cheated. So, I got a lot of advice, but nobody knew anymore than I did. There’s still the other two places and one is using Word Press (paid) to host their entire site, the other one used to, so there is hope.

Otherwise, it’s trial and error and that just doesn’t go well for me. I got free polls from bravenet, but since I’m not able to log in, that hardly matters, now does it? That’s what I thought.

So, if you have a question about Word Press or a blog on here, don’t ask me!

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

No image as I don’t have one that show confusion.


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9 Responses to I Need Advice!

  1. Almost Iowa says:

    Group hugs are great advice.

    Okay, I can never resist the temptation to go against my better judgement and give advice… I say never pay for anything on blog site unless you seriously want to build a brand – and if you want to build a brand think about how you want it to pay for itself.

    If you just want a place to showcase your writing – stay with the free themes and don’t buy widgets. Almost everything you need on WordPress is free.

    • katlnhat says:

      You’re right. I’m not paying, though I made another blog, in case I run out of room on this one. I forgot what theme I picked, but it’s free. Now, the cat wants a blog. While I was sleeping, she made an email address. Sending hugs and confusion, but you seem to have the best handle on Word Press of anyone, so far.

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  3. pambrittain says:

    Now I’m confused and I thought I was getting a handle on this site. On the other hand, this was fun to read and I’m smiling.

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