WETue 6/17/2014 What It’s Hiding

WETue 6/17/2014 What It’s HidingImage

Pam’s badger is hiding something, but I know what it is and I also know he’s in Big Trouble
soon. Yep, you’d better be ready, Pam, if you ever want to see him again. He’s got the pot of gold that belongs to that leprechaun and we all know they’re magic.

It’s only a matter of time till he gets caught, the magical guy is almost right there and when he gets there, it’ll be one unhappy badger, if he doesn’t turn him into a litter box, used at that.

That’s why he moved over to the next yard — he thinks he’s hidden there and he thought he was known in your yard. But he’s wrong. You don’t ever hide from a leprechaun, so as a piece of advice from me, I would have a talk with him, if you want him back, because within the week, that gold will be gone and you’ll find a used litter box that used to be your badger.

I’ve known about this since he took it, as I speak leprechaun-eze, so we talk, y’know? No, I didn’t tell. Didn’t have to. He knew. The leprechaun lives under a tree with a dear friend in a bubble, but we won’t mention who she is. We all know her, because she lived with us on another site that’s no longer there and she writes in/on a bubble to pay for her Netflix and few extras.

She’s not happy about this; when she moved to Texas, her leprechaun followed her and buried the pot of gold under one of her trees. He’s gone, it’s gone and your badger is going to become cat litter. Without gold.

That used litter will be relocate to Greg’s yard, because well, that’s where all used cat litter goes, right? That’s what I thought!

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

badger picture is credited to Pam, with permission to use for this.


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6 Responses to WETue 6/17/2014 What It’s Hiding

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  3. huldermn says:

    Poor, poor badger. Gotta watch those leprechauns!

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  5. pambrittain says:

    Wow, you really hit the nail with this response, Mare. This cracks me up. I thought I threw that little guy to the shelpie (sp?) but I guess she didn’t eat him. So now, Greg has to clean cat and badger poop. Heh, heh.

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