I Am A Werewolf, So What? , WeSat

I Am A Werewolf, So What?

Yeah, I am and big deal to that. I do “too” know that Hulk guy, he got the part in that movie we both auditioned for. I was jealous, but we stayed friends. Well, till he went “all Hollywood” on me and wouldn’t hang out with us regular folks. He’s stuck-up now.

I’m the same person you always knew, except for that. It’s not my fault anyway, it’s not like I asked to be born this way.

Most of you are probably not exactly what you seem, either, so “do tell”.

The reason I didn’t get that movie part and it sure wasn’t my acting; I’m a great actress, they even said so, was because of two things:
1. They were looking for a man and I’m a woman.
2. They wanted to go with the stereo-typed look and I’m light blonde, blue-eyed, with a very light complexion. I’m also short and need a lot of sunscreen.

So, I was out and he was in.

No, I won’t blame the gender equality thing – I don’t do that!

Or the mixed marriages thing, that’s not a big deal to me, and I’m sick of everyone playing the minority card.

I love my parents.

The thing is, my mom is a werewolf, she’s got “the look”, when she changes, but my dad is a light blonde blue-eyed, well, human.

He doesn’t tan, he burns.

But most importantly is that they love each other, have stayed together for over 30 years and still love each other.

They’re best friends and they both love me, with all their hearts.

Could I ask for better parents? No way!

So, don’t think I want to date you: I don’t. I’m planning my wedding and my parents are very happy for me. I’m marrying a great vampire, a good one, who has long, black hair and green eyes.

We met on a social networking site and couldn’t be happier.

We’ll have gorgeous kids!Image

I am doing exactly what my mom and dad, did. I’m marrying my first love and best friend.

So, who and what are you really?

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014
Image is mine and is of our duck pond, where my fiance and I go for picnics.




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5 Responses to I Am A Werewolf, So What? , WeSat

  1. maadmaax says:

    That is priceless and I’m with Pam in that you have a phenomenal imagination. Please keep using it to entertain us.

  2. pambrittain says:

    Your imagination always catches me by surprise. Great read and what a great place.

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