WETue, 6/24/14, Two Words

WETue, 6/24/14, Two Words

If I gave you just two words; well, Pam just did, so I might as well use them.

Scorching sun
Rainy day
Droopy daisy
Desert moon
Bottled scent
Saving sunshine
Dark daylightImage
Bubbles burst
Aphid fairy

Pam, the aphid fairy monarch butterfly Princess, second in line to the throne, was flitting around in the scorching sun, seeking the best lilies, while saving sunshine and making bottled scent.

It was mating season and another monarch, Iowa (almost) was watching her. She didn’t notice, as she wasn’t interested in a commoner. SunWinks!, was was a Count, watched, too. She was holding out for a king, King Maad Max, but he wasn’t around. He was with Irena the fair, who didn’t particularly like him.

There was a shift, as the weather changed to dark daylight and then a rainy day. The droopy daisy, perked up and Princess Pam, who didn’t like to get wet, flew away to the desert moon., with Sharon, who knew where everything was. Tex stayed home, eating tex-mex. Typical.

As nobody liked each other, their bubbles burst and they went off in search of the nearest bar.

Copyright M. Nicholson aka katlnhat 2014

Image is mine of lilies.


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I like to write, so I'm here.
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3 Responses to WETue, 6/24/14, Two Words

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  2. pambrittain says:

    This has me laughing big time. Well, most of your stuff does. I need a beer.

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