I’m Confused

Happy In-Dependence Day! (I’m Confused)

No, I did not write a July 4th post, probably part of which was because I wasn’t here on the fourth.

I just wrote this instead.

We’re dependent on technology to an alarming degree.

Too much, maybe.
The fact remains, we’re dependent on the lights we turn on, the stores we buy our food from,
as we seem to have forgotten how to grow food, and the clothing on our backs.
Calling in grocery store orders or emailing them and having things delivered, is now “normal”.
Why go to the local store when one can email an order?

We’ve forgotten how to sew, knit and crochet, too.
Things are made in foreign lands by children younger than yours, in the same type of slave shops,
that our country worked so hard to get rid of back in the days of the Great Depression days.

We are dependent on either the gas for our cars or mass transit.
We walk less and ride more.

We’re less dependent on memory, probably because we don’t use it as much.

Electronic calenders have taken that over, too.

People text, instead of talk.

They text or use weird symbols like,  TTYL or LOL instead of saying words, or worse,
forget how to print or write. Is it so hard to say, “talk to you later” and who lol’s?
If we “laugh out loud”, it is a happy sound and someone will hear it.

Is it so hard to tell someone that they’re your “best friend forever”, or do we have to talk with a symbol, like BFF?

How many times have you seen this? GMTA, and wondered what it meant and when you asked,
someone told you, “great minds think alike”. Well, so do stupid ones and ignorance is spreading, but I haven’t seen a symbol for that yet.

They’re trying to take writing (they call it cursive), out of the schools.
They think it’s obsolete.
When I was a kid, we call it “learning to read, print and write” and it was normal.

That’s life.

Our son now has a mac tablet, but has forgotten how to use windows, which is a shame, because our laptops are windows.
He’s a tech-guy.
Does it for a job, a great job, too, but he still forgot windows.
And we don’t know a thing about macs.
We confuse each other.

Okay, he remembered enough to hook all four of our laptops to the Wi-Fi thing he bought,
but doesn’t know how to fix it. Forgot that part and, as one of them wasn’t working right,
we wanted to know.

I forget names, but I always did. We care less about the environment and more about convenience.
If the day ever comes when the lights go out and there is no internet, we’ll all be lost.

Maybe that’s what we need. What do you think?

I think we all need to take a giant step forward into the past and make our world a better place, before it’s too late.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014


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11 Responses to I’m Confused

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  2. pambrittain says:

    Wonderfully put and you had me LOL. I’ve forgotten how to add in my head, but I remember how to make cute little symbols. ♥♫♪♥

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