I know, I Know, It’s been days…


Problem is: I don’t yet have my new glasses yet; probably another week. You are all blurry, as is this.

I’ve found a lot of great people, except they’re all blurry, too. Even squinting. Crap!

I am following a bunch of you, in hopes that when I can see again, I can make better comments. Another week. Or so. The good news is that they’re paid for. The bad news is that they had to order the lenses. That’s my luck.

I viewed and commented and sure hope I didn’t offend anyone, by mistakenly hitting wrong keys and then – not knowing that I did it. It’s not funny a’tall and I hope it’s not offensive.

I keep changing my theme, so I don’t exactly know which one I’m using anymore – but it’s free.

I’ll be deleting myself from another site I write for, because they went into my “drafts” folder and published something I was not done with. THE NERVE! Wouldn’t you? I’ll copy it for probably here, first, but I’m getting out of there. Spies. Who the hell needs more spies? Not me, that’s for sure!

(On the other hand, they might delete me, because I told off the admins terribly) That’s okay!

For some reason, I feel safer here. Let’s see if I can get an image in here, who knows? If I do, it’ll be one of mine. I’ll give it a try.

Copyright M. Nicholson  2014



Yup, that fits, It’s blurry. And one of mine. How ’bout that?


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I like to write, so I'm here.
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2 Responses to I know, I Know, It’s been days…

  1. katlnhat says:

    It really “is” blurry? Ohh…well, okay. 🙂

  2. pambrittain says:

    That is actually a great picture. Okay fine, you can’t really see it, but I love the blur behind the central flowers. Glad to know you’re still here, and hope you get your new lenses soon. Dang, I miss your writing.

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