My World & Welcome to it

And another Gather good person starts wandering around, and ends up here. YAY Kevin!


20140324_162406Welcome to my world. My world is deep in Georgia in a place that is well known for it’s civil war prison (Andersonville). Georgia peaches, pecans and cotton are also well known at least they are to those in the rest of the world who have even heard of Georgia. 

Oh we have other uniquely Georgia experiences. We have our own language for instance that mirrors English but is not quite English and takes at least two years to understand a lot of it and about ten years to master it. We have not just 4 seasons we have 5. We have one of the most annoying insects that God ever created. We have the most friendly unfriendly people in the USA. At the same time we have some of the most incredible people anywhere. In my corner of Georgia we have some of the most peaceful acres of any of God’s green acres. 

The language spoken…

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One Response to My World & Welcome to it

  1. pambrittain says:

    Mare, it took me some time to figure this post out. What you’ve done is such a cool thing to do to help Kevin out.

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