I’m Confused

Happy In-Dependence Day! (I’m Confused)

No, I did not write a July 4th post, probably part of which was because I wasn’t here on the fourth.

I just wrote this instead.

We’re dependent on technology to an alarming degree.

Too much, maybe.
The fact remains, we’re dependent on the lights we turn on, the stores we buy our food from,
as we seem to have forgotten how to grow food, and the clothing on our backs.
Calling in grocery store orders or emailing them and having things delivered, is now “normal”.
Why go to the local store when one can email an order?

We’ve forgotten how to sew, knit and crochet, too.
Things are made in foreign lands by children younger than yours, in the same type of slave shops,
that our country worked so hard to get rid of back in the days of the Great Depression days.

We are dependent on either the gas for our cars or mass transit.
We walk less and ride more.

We’re less dependent on memory, probably because we don’t use it as much.

Electronic calenders have taken that over, too.

People text, instead of talk.

They text or use weird symbols like,  TTYL or LOL instead of saying words, or worse,
forget how to print or write. Is it so hard to say, “talk to you later” and who lol’s?
If we “laugh out loud”, it is a happy sound and someone will hear it.

Is it so hard to tell someone that they’re your “best friend forever”, or do we have to talk with a symbol, like BFF?

How many times have you seen this? GMTA, and wondered what it meant and when you asked,
someone told you, “great minds think alike”. Well, so do stupid ones and ignorance is spreading, but I haven’t seen a symbol for that yet.

They’re trying to take writing (they call it cursive), out of the schools.
They think it’s obsolete.
When I was a kid, we call it “learning to read, print and write” and it was normal.

That’s life.

Our son now has a mac tablet, but has forgotten how to use windows, which is a shame, because our laptops are windows.
He’s a tech-guy.
Does it for a job, a great job, too, but he still forgot windows.
And we don’t know a thing about macs.
We confuse each other.

Okay, he remembered enough to hook all four of our laptops to the Wi-Fi thing he bought,
but doesn’t know how to fix it. Forgot that part and, as one of them wasn’t working right,
we wanted to know.

I forget names, but I always did. We care less about the environment and more about convenience.
If the day ever comes when the lights go out and there is no internet, we’ll all be lost.

Maybe that’s what we need. What do you think?

I think we all need to take a giant step forward into the past and make our world a better place, before it’s too late.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

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I Am A Werewolf, So What? , WeSat

I Am A Werewolf, So What?

Yeah, I am and big deal to that. I do “too” know that Hulk guy, he got the part in that movie we both auditioned for. I was jealous, but we stayed friends. Well, till he went “all Hollywood” on me and wouldn’t hang out with us regular folks. He’s stuck-up now.

I’m the same person you always knew, except for that. It’s not my fault anyway, it’s not like I asked to be born this way.

Most of you are probably not exactly what you seem, either, so “do tell”.

The reason I didn’t get that movie part and it sure wasn’t my acting; I’m a great actress, they even said so, was because of two things:
1. They were looking for a man and I’m a woman.
2. They wanted to go with the stereo-typed look and I’m light blonde, blue-eyed, with a very light complexion. I’m also short and need a lot of sunscreen.

So, I was out and he was in.

No, I won’t blame the gender equality thing – I don’t do that!

Or the mixed marriages thing, that’s not a big deal to me, and I’m sick of everyone playing the minority card.

I love my parents.

The thing is, my mom is a werewolf, she’s got “the look”, when she changes, but my dad is a light blonde blue-eyed, well, human.

He doesn’t tan, he burns.

But most importantly is that they love each other, have stayed together for over 30 years and still love each other.

They’re best friends and they both love me, with all their hearts.

Could I ask for better parents? No way!

So, don’t think I want to date you: I don’t. I’m planning my wedding and my parents are very happy for me. I’m marrying a great vampire, a good one, who has long, black hair and green eyes.

We met on a social networking site and couldn’t be happier.

We’ll have gorgeous kids!Image

I am doing exactly what my mom and dad, did. I’m marrying my first love and best friend.

So, who and what are you really?

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014
Image is mine and is of our duck pond, where my fiance and I go for picnics.



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SunWe I Vant to Suck Your HUH?

It’s Not Easy Being MeImage

Yeah, I’m a vampire.

A two-century old one, too.
Don’t be getting all creeped out, after all, most of you know me, right?

No, I don’t “vant to suck” anything; that’s my brother, we’re twins.
Fraternal twins, which might explain some of it.
Or not.

Did you know that Mr. Oz guy, isn’t a doc, but he’s a bad vampire?
Betcha didn’t.
He bought that doc certificate on the internet, for pretty cheap. Don’t be fooled.

His twin, me, is a good one, so I oughta know.

I’m Jenny. He’s Jerry, no matter what name he goes by, that’s his name.
I sure wish we weren’t related, but you just can’t pick your relatives.
Shame, that.

The vampires I know are all able to go out in the day, but are stronger at night,
so that would be the time to watch out for them.

That pale nonsense is just not true, I am not pale.
I have a sun tan and so do a lot of vampires, both good and bad.
Whoever made that one up, was a story teller.

People who are alive can be pretty stupid, sometimes.


There were quite a few that had chosen that path, the good.
But, there were just as many that chose the other way.

Think about it, if you believe in good, wouldn’t you also have to believe in evil?

All the good vampires are armed with crosses ’round their necks, water pistols filled with holy water
and with lots wooden stakes – in case.
The newer ones, would turn to dust with a good squirt of holy water, but the older;
more experienced ones, always needed the stake, too.
And they healed all too quickly, like me.
But, like some others, I’ve been a vampire for over two centuries, so it’s understandable.

Besides, nothing new really lasts well, anymore.

“Good” vampires weren’t affected by holy water or crosses – we wear them, too.
Holy water burns the bad ones.
Crosses repelled them, so I wear about fifteen, at last count.

I love my jewelry.

I also wear medallions of Buddha, and other religious neck-chains, star of David, more…
What if whoever you’re going after isn’t a christian?

Besides, I really love my jewelry.

Huh? Think about that!

Not everyone who is bitten, becomes a vampire.
If the blood isn’t totally gone, (they have to actually die) but they are “tainted”, and can be healed.
Even some of the cops in the area that aren’t vampires, believe.
They also carry holy water, stakes and wore crosses – why take a chance?

Cities seemed to be where they were more concentrated.
This year, it was New York (where else?), the city that never sleeps.
Yeah, think about it.
There’s lots of homeless, and even more blood banks to drain.
Rats would do in a pinch.
They wouldn’t become vampires, because they were rats, y’know.

With so many buildings being town down to make room for skyscrapers, stakes were easy to get, without arousing suspicion.
Pieces of any-old-wood could be sharpened into stakes.
That’s another myth; that the wood has to be some special wood, when any old wood will do.

Shoot, vinyl siding works, it’s just that it hadn’t been invented when this stuff was made up.

The newer ones, heck all of ’em, can turn into bats.
But, the newer bad vampires, will turn to dust with a squirt of a water pistol of holy water.
Smack ’em with some religious jewelry and they’re toast.
The older ones needed the stake.
You never knew which one you’d run into.

I can’t say this enough – be prepared!

Silver bullets, mirrors and the like are myths.
Garlic isn’t the thing to carry, (you’ll stink) but it was good to drape in chains throughout a home, as is sage, for protection.
I also use sweet grass braids; it’s the Indian in me.

I go out by day to get the “easy” ones and by night to get the hard core.
One side or the other will win and even though I’m a gal, I’m the leader of the good side
My twin brother, Oz, is the leader of the bad, which makes it harder.
It’s rough to hypnotize someone that’s almost just like you.
Or used to be.

Told ya I knew stuff. Or he does. Whatever. Tips for the uneducated.

One side “only” would win and I’ll leave it to you to figure out which side it was, but ask yourself this:

Have we ever gotten rid of evil? Are there still more good? There’s your answer.

Hint: I believe in good.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

Image is mine, full moon on the unused rail tracks nearby.

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SunWinks! June 22, 2014: Go Take A Haiku, Part Deux

SunWinks! June 22, 2014: Go Take A Haiku, Part Deux

For Doug, Haikai

Okay Doug, let’s see if I’ve got the hang of this, but tell me if I don’t, please.

The squash, peppers,
celery and carrots,
hate me.

The apples, not done,
glaring there,
I’ll get to you!

Hair is not grey,
priorities, you know,
came first.

Eat that yogurt,
it’s good for you,
now you know why.

Missy had no cat food,
she ate
lime Chobani.

I might be on the right track,
if not,
Doug, Say So!

The sun winks,
through dark clouds,
I gave it back to him.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

For Doug SunWinks!

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TuWe 6/24/2014 Two Words: One More Time

TuWe 6/24/2014 Two Words, One More Time

Here are your words:

Scorching sun
Rainy day
Droopy daisy
Desert moon
Bottled scent
Saving sunshine
Dark daylight
Bubbles burst
Aphid fairy


The Usual

The aphid fairy was bored.
She was tired of the stupid weather, sick of scorching sun and didn’t like a rainy day in the least.

Dark daylight made her crabby and that dumb, droopy daisy – she spit on!
Those lilies she wanted to fry.

She had enough bottled scent to start a perfume store.
There wasn’t a single one she’d wear!

No more saving sunshine for her. She liked earth scents, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli; the good stuff. Oakmoss wasn’t bad either, but who could find it?

Any of it?

She flew all over creation, looking for her scents, and at the time of the desert moon,
which she also thought was over-rated, she spotted some.
All of them.

About time, too.
There was even some jasmine to lighten up the other scents and she was off to get them.

She had it all, till some bubbles burst and she shot to the ground with a splat.

Yep, the usual, almost-but-not-quite.
Which is, of course, the definition of life.
The usual.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014
Image is mine, edited in:

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WETue, 6/24/14, Two Words

WETue, 6/24/14, Two Words

If I gave you just two words; well, Pam just did, so I might as well use them.

Scorching sun
Rainy day
Droopy daisy
Desert moon
Bottled scent
Saving sunshine
Dark daylightImage
Bubbles burst
Aphid fairy

Pam, the aphid fairy monarch butterfly Princess, second in line to the throne, was flitting around in the scorching sun, seeking the best lilies, while saving sunshine and making bottled scent.

It was mating season and another monarch, Iowa (almost) was watching her. She didn’t notice, as she wasn’t interested in a commoner. SunWinks!, was was a Count, watched, too. She was holding out for a king, King Maad Max, but he wasn’t around. He was with Irena the fair, who didn’t particularly like him.

There was a shift, as the weather changed to dark daylight and then a rainy day. The droopy daisy, perked up and Princess Pam, who didn’t like to get wet, flew away to the desert moon., with Sharon, who knew where everything was. Tex stayed home, eating tex-mex. Typical.

As nobody liked each other, their bubbles burst and they went off in search of the nearest bar.

Copyright M. Nicholson aka katlnhat 2014

Image is mine of lilies.

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WEMon: June 23 – The Shopping Shuffle

WEMon: June 23 – The Shopping Shuffle

Why Shopping Carts Are Necessary

We have a problem in our home.

Neither of us likes to go shopping at all.

Usually, my husband goes, but sometimes we both do.

We need a shopping cart. There’s no way around it. I can sum up why in just two words:

Road Kill.

Imagine this:

You’re walking around a store with people banging into you from all sides, front and back,with large metal objects and if you fall, you’ll get run down by several.

That doesn’t take into account the driving kind, which will bump right over anyone stupid enough to be in their path, for the latest bargain.

They are defense weapons.

If you don’t have one, you die.

If we go down an unexpected aisle, it’s to get away from folks like you.

We hide until you’ve flown past, and if we happen to find an unadvertised special, we “might” buy one or two.

But, that’s not why we’re there.

If we had a tank, we’d use that.

But since there are only shopping carts, we’ll take what we can get.

So should you.

They’re life savers, nothing more, nothing less.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

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WETue 6/17/2014 What It’s Hiding

WETue 6/17/2014 What It’s HidingImage

Pam’s badger is hiding something, but I know what it is and I also know he’s in Big Trouble
soon. Yep, you’d better be ready, Pam, if you ever want to see him again. He’s got the pot of gold that belongs to that leprechaun and we all know they’re magic.

It’s only a matter of time till he gets caught, the magical guy is almost right there and when he gets there, it’ll be one unhappy badger, if he doesn’t turn him into a litter box, used at that.

That’s why he moved over to the next yard — he thinks he’s hidden there and he thought he was known in your yard. But he’s wrong. You don’t ever hide from a leprechaun, so as a piece of advice from me, I would have a talk with him, if you want him back, because within the week, that gold will be gone and you’ll find a used litter box that used to be your badger.

I’ve known about this since he took it, as I speak leprechaun-eze, so we talk, y’know? No, I didn’t tell. Didn’t have to. He knew. The leprechaun lives under a tree with a dear friend in a bubble, but we won’t mention who she is. We all know her, because she lived with us on another site that’s no longer there and she writes in/on a bubble to pay for her Netflix and few extras.

She’s not happy about this; when she moved to Texas, her leprechaun followed her and buried the pot of gold under one of her trees. He’s gone, it’s gone and your badger is going to become cat litter. Without gold.

That used litter will be relocate to Greg’s yard, because well, that’s where all used cat litter goes, right? That’s what I thought!

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

badger picture is credited to Pam, with permission to use for this.

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I Need Advice!

WeMon Advice

Gregs prompt, was to write about asking for or getting advice, so as I’m fairly well and good lost on Word Press, I asked for advice elsewhere today.

Good gosh, I don’t give advice, what do you take me for – someone who knows something? Well, stop that right now.

I asked about widgets and gadgets, and paid and unpaid blogs and who named it an  ugly name like bllllllllllllloooooooooog in the first place and I asked for help, or advice on another site, that people do have various blogs, some of which are Word Press.

I’d tried, because Word Press asked me, if I wanted to put polls on my “free” site – sure, click here. Okay. For “only” $29.00 a month, I could indeed have one. Kinda defeats the purpose of free, so I asked about that, too. Websites I understand and I write my own code. This isn’t the same at all.

Some of the answers were:

“If you’d chosen a different free theme, you’d have gotten free polls.” Yeah?

“I don’t like that name either, blllllllllllloooog, that’s why I’ve never done one!” Gee, thanks.

“Well, widgets and gadgets are different terms for the same thing, it’s whatever the site calls them. You look through them and pick the ones you want and they are free.” Okay, I was getting somewhere, course, the person didn’t have a blog, but still.

“Big “G” owns too much.” I knew that, but so does yahoo and I just deleted my blog on there.

One guy wanted answers from my article so he could also do one. When his head cold’s gone, otherwise he didn’t know.

“I only use blogger, so I don’t know.” Thanks for nothing.

“I have at least five of them, but I forgot where they are. Might be some on Word Press, so I’ll get back to you if I find one, but that’s unlikely, because I also forgot what I called them.”

What I got from all that advice and it went on and on, probably over 50 people wanting to help me out. Was………..nothing. (hey, they tried)

I can post it on the two other sites that pay me to do this garbage, but I might get less help there. On the other hand, what’s less than nothing? Yep, that’s my next step unless someone here wants to educate me. Doubtful, but worth asking.

I ought to get free widgets or gadgets, as I chose a very basic theme, that’s not actually true, I looked at yours and picked the most basic from yours. I cheated. So, I got a lot of advice, but nobody knew anymore than I did. There’s still the other two places and one is using Word Press (paid) to host their entire site, the other one used to, so there is hope.

Otherwise, it’s trial and error and that just doesn’t go well for me. I got free polls from bravenet, but since I’m not able to log in, that hardly matters, now does it? That’s what I thought.

So, if you have a question about Word Press or a blog on here, don’t ask me!

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

No image as I don’t have one that show confusion.

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WESat: June 14, 2014 – Boy Meets Girl

WESat: June 14, 2014 – Boy Meets Girl

Prompt: From Len Maxwell
“Today’s challenge: Using prose or poetry, write the scene from a story in which a boy/man and girl/woman first meet. It can be a romance, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, or any other kind of story you can imagine. The kicker, though, is to write it twice: once from the girl’s/woman’s viewpoint and once from.

Make them short. For poetry, no more than two stanzas of no more than ten lines for each story. For prose, no more than two paragraphs of no more than ten lines for each story.”

The Meeting

John: Who is that hot chick? Look at that “t and a”! Ohhhh, man, tight jeans, high heels, tight, low-cut top; gotta ask her to dance. Remember, my name is Brad, not John, that’s what my fake ID says. She’s checking me out! Act normal, order a draft, sit and be cool. When she thinks I won’t do it, I’ll ask her to dance. She’ll feel lucky, important, desirable. Yeah, the guys taught me well. If she asks (which she probably won’t), say I’ve flown in on business over the weekend. Do.not.mention.high.school.

Jane: I don’t believe this, another stupid kid? They’ll let anybody in. I have to find a new place to hang out. If he’s 17, I’ll be surprised. He’s “looking at me”. Damn. Is it too much to expect them to be over 21? Another weekend down the drain – could have stayed home and watched a movie or read. Saved the top for another weekend, when I find a bar that checks ID. If this one comes near me, like last weekend, I’ll deck him. He probably rode his bike. Heh, he’s too young to shave!

John: Go over, it’s time. Do.not.say.I’m 15. Remember birth date. I’m Brad. Sports-car, not the bicycle. Got it, I’m going over.

Jane: Oh man, he’s headed this way, I’m outta here! (runs for the door, jumps in a cab and is home, before he got anywhere near her) Some night.

Copyright M. Nicholson 2014

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